Monday, November 8, 2010

every single soul needs a little releasing...

Every cycle, I look at those first few temperatures of my chart, trying to determine what this cycle is going to look like. Last cycle my first four temperatures made a great big check mark - a sign, or so I thought, that this was the cycle! Ha! Instead it went on and on and on, with ovulation finally occurring on CD46, if at all... Science says Provera supresses ovulation if taken before you ovulate, but my naturopath tells me that my body is stubborn ("it's not just your body that's stubborn," said my husband when I was telling him this today) and isn't forced easily into doing anything it doesn't want to do, so she suspects that my ovulation temperature rise was real (especially since it happened 6 days after I started the Provera. Normally the temp rise would happen right away, she said.)

So, while my body doesn't like to be forced, we are hoping that perhaps it can be gently encouraged to do what it's meant to do. I started a new approach with my Naturopath today. Acupuncture once weekly for the next two weeks. Chinese herbs on CD10-20. Weekly massage. Mediation. Yoga. Gentle encouragement for my body to regulate itself. Hopefully my body will cooperate.

I rather like this new plan. If nothing else, it will be nice taking time for me. Acupuncture is very relaxing. A meditation practice is something I've been meaning to start for a while now. And a weekly massage sounds like divine indulgence.

In other news - I'm seeing Michael Franti in concert on Wednesday! (talking about divine indulgences!) I'm very excited. In my worst moments after the miscarriage, his music was the only thing that could make me smile. It is by far the happiest music ever. Even when it's not inherently happy, it still has a very positive message.

I mean, I dare you to listen to this song and not smile while tapping your toes to the beat...

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